Saturday, July 21, 2012

Legitimate List of Sweepstakes and Contests: - Enter to Win Cash and Prizes: updated 4/14/13

Legitimate sweepstakes and contests – win cash and prizes

  • I am going to post legitimate contests and sweepstakes as they arise.
  • I will delete out of date contests as soon as possible.
  • Contests will be listed alphabetically by the sponsors.

Win Prizes

Contests & Sweepstakes Tips

  • I arrived home today, January 26, 2012 to a large box in my living room. I asked my hubby what the box was for. He said, "it arrived for you today." I opened it to a congratulations note from Clorox. I won cookware and some awesome sauces. I am estimating the prize to be worth around $150.00 - $200.00. I was thrilled. It is a start and I have not been entering a diligently as I should be. I am going to make more of a commitment to enter as many contests as I am able. I will continue to keep you posted.
  • Well I did it again folks - Today, October 22, 2012, I joined one of the super contest sites. I paid the fee for the Power entries. The last time I did this shortly after I won $1,000.00 from Key Bank. We have been told that the more you enter, the better your chance. I am going to test this out and will keep you posted on my results. This will also enable me to share some of the newest contests with all of you. Now I know that I will be spending more than I make unless I win something. I really want to let the viewers know if these are worth laying out some cash. If I win again, I would say that their minimal fee is well worth the investment. 
  •  I recently won a case of 12 of the vitamin drinks in the small bottles. That's it so far folks. I remain optimistic however. It only takes a dollar and a dream - right?

Keep your eyes on the prize


Winning tips

  • Set up folders in your favorites. Create a file for each month that the sweepstakes ends. That way you can enter each day, Once the month ends you know you no longer need to check and file any sweeps you are interested in into the folder corresponding with when it ends. Then, if you have a day where you're pressed for time, enter at least the ones ending that day.

  • Play the instant win games.

  • Follow the rules! If a sweep is restricted, a certain age group, make sure you fit the criteria! Do not create numerous email addresses in order to enter multiple times The Sponsors check these out and will disqualify you and you will end up having NO entries.

  • Don't dismiss essay required sweepstakes requiring photos or essays as many people will and this will increase your odds of winning.

  • Expect your winnings to be low at first, expect dry spells but once you begin entering often you will see your winnings begin to roll in.

  • Give accurate information.
  • Most of all - Have fun!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I enter many contests online. I have remained optimistic figuring what does it hurt to try but admittedly somewhat skeptical. I am no longer skeptical. A while back I won $500.00 worth of picture books for my classroom and a week later I won $1,000.00 from Key Bank for paying my bills online. It was a national contest.

More recently I entered an idea online for teaching social studies and won a $100.00 gift card, which I used to buy my students a pizza party. Fun was had by all!

I am not sure if it is true but I always heard the more you enter, the better your chances are. I for one am going to keep entering. Good luck all!

I will keep trying to add contest links that I find.

Even if the prize is not in your area, enter anyway. The prize may be auctioned off on ebay or sold on Craigslist or the like rendering you a little extra cash.

An update. I just won $100.00 in an online contest for suggesting an idea for an interactive notebook for my students. I did have many wonderful hubbies helping me out. Thank you all!

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